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Just a stash place for wips, unfinished works, doodles, progression shots and such~

More homework for digital painting. I love that we’re actually going through materials instead of just jumping right into the complex stuff. Learned how to do some cool wispy smoke stuff. ovo

More homework studies. There’s probably some inaccuracies since I’m trying to teach myself. =u=;a

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Painting homework |D had to do natural textures

The wood was fun, and the cobblestone sort of fun. Didn’t really care for the metal and the fur was annoying 8I

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Canine skeleton studies for school. Really simple because I’m just trying to learn the basic shapes so I can draw them better.

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This be Cillis |D A Forsaken chick that just up and moved into my head without permission while I was RPing something else. Doodled her while I still had the image of what she looked like in my head. |D

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Ehhh not a big story on this one 8’D I was just listening to some Kingdom Hearts things and the line Sora says in 3D “You have to have a hearrt to cry.” really stuck out to me. Ourin was pretty depressed at the time so I drew him. |D that’s all

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Got asked what Aeal’s (my character not me |D) pajamas looked like so doodled this up. I would still wear them though |D aside from the open back.

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So I randomly got in the mood to try and guess what my online buddies looked like and this happened 8’D I just did people who were online at the time. Ended up editing a few things but I got most of them accurate |D

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So there was a hosted RP with wys where a bunch of people got kidnapped and thrown in a cell with hay and Azre was one of them and he was in his pajamas when it happened so I just had to draw him waking up after that. 8’D Grumpy baby Azre that I was too lazy to color but Darky did for me and it became my skype icon |D

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Couple of random doodles for SoC things

First is Gaius and Miradella just being dorks together. Never finished ‘cause I still can’t figure out what kind of clothes he wants to wear BI

Second one was because of an RP with Litrai and Emiris. 8’D Li had done some pretty terrible things *coughkilledhookerscough* and was afraid that Emi would disown him because of it. Naturally he didn’t so that’s where the pic comes from |D Emi loves Li like family and people are willing to turn a blind eye for those they love. Got too lazy to finish it though |D

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